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Lighter is Faster

FuelCel “composite” motorcycle fuel tanks are a big performance gain through weight reduction providing more acceleration, quicker handling and improved braking. 

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“I was able to put my pristine $3,000 OEM tank with the bodywork on the shelf for later and get a performance advantage I couldn’t get otherwise.”

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Espirit Racing Ducati 1098

Hi John,

I finally saw the fuel tank, and frankly, I’m more than impressed. No I’m blown away. It’s awesome. Feel free to quote me on that.

The fit and installation is perfect, the fuel cap works a treat, and the capacity was bang on 22 litres, although we could have squeezed a litre more in without a problem, which is frankly fabulous.

The breather and venting of the tank is the most intelligent and coherent design I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a few, and not a drop leaked throughout the race.

The riders were delighted, and amazed the tank didn’t hamper their movements on the machine one bit, on the contrary, the slightly higher rear of the tank helped take the weight off their arms under the fierce braking at the end of the back straight.

So thank you very, very much. You have a thoroughly convinced customer, well, several, actually…
– Thanks again, Peter Clark

“I refuse to go racing with a stock tank, your tank and the foam made a HUGE difference in the bikes performance. Thanks again, talk to you soon!”
– Tye, USA

“Thanks again, I love the tank. It made a noticeable difference in weight.”
– Aaron, USA

Max Grant 900 SS

You guys sold me a streamline tank for a Ducati 1000SS. Your product is outstanding. I low-sided in May and the tank (which took a good hit) had a couple surface scratches. No repairs, other than some touch up paint. Incidentally, my buddy had a similar incident on his Duc, but he had a CF tank. Tank was ruined.

I’m a customer for life, and I have been singing your praises to those who will listen.
– Thanks, Max Grant

“Love the tank. Weight savings are awesome and the quality of the tank is outstanding. I will not ride with any other tank and will be one of the first Mods I do when I get another bike. My buddy liked it so much he also bought one.
Again, thanks and keep up the quality of your work.”
– John, USA

Johan Fizgal – Ducati 749R

As promised here are some pics of the 749R. The bike is spectacularly light, with about 12L – 15L of fuel, it weighs on precision scales 167kg! And a big plus for that weight is the light tank.

Pluses for your tank are weight and finish. Really awesome. And what many neglect, less weight is not only beneficial for the bike’s performance, but also it tires the rider much less. Yesterday I was at a small circuit in France. In the first track session I started with the almost standard 1098. It was quite physical to muscle the big bike around. Then I took the lightweight 749R, well after that, I thought I could ride all day and all night. What a diff!”