Every tank is built to order and nothing is built without complete payment. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks from payment for your tank to ship. We ship all over the world, help us put another pin on our map!

Each product page has an option to buy at the bottom that takes you to PayPal, shipping is not included at that time. We will email you after your purchase and let you know what that will be based on your location. We typically use the postal system around the world.You can also call or email us with your specific requests and get a quote in advance.

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repair information

Due to our high-grade epoxy and manufacturing techniques, your FuelCel tank is usually repairable unlike most composite tanks. Generally, if 30% or more of the exterior surface area or other structurally critical areas are damaged, it could be considered totaled.

Repairs are made with the same materials as the tank was originally built with ensuring structural integrity and fuel resistance.

Emergency repairs at the track for small things can be done using a JB Weld type of two part epoxy after roughly sanding the area and drying it of any fuel.

Repair charges typically run between $100 to $500, with an average of about $200. Shipping costs are the customer's responsibility both ways. Turnaround time is a few days to a week.

If you have any questions about whether or not your tank is able to be repaired, you can always send a picture to sales@eti-fuelcel.com

Warranty Information

Every effort is made to ensure that your new FuelCel tank is leak free. Although every precaution is taken in the manufacturing of your new FuelCel, in-house testing cannot re-produce the dynamic conditions of the installation on the motorcycle. Under certain conditions of vibration, heat and gasoline, a minute pinhole can develop in rare cases that escape our detection.

Please note that this Lifetime Warranty covers the repair of the tank and not the cost of painting should a leak occur after painting. To avoid this potential problem it is highly recommended to do the following procedures first.

Also, any major repairs not done by us, VOIDS the Lifetime Warranty.

At this time, no apparent degradation has been observed using Ethanol blended fuels with our construction materials.

Installation instructions

You can get any install instructions from our Instructions page.

CONFIRMING THE TANK PRIOR TO PAINTING. The outer surface of the tank is sprayed with a thick coating of catalyzed polyester primer. THIS BUFF TAN COLOR MUST NOT BE SANDED THROUGH. Underneath this tan layer is a white epoxy primer, DO NOT sand through this white primer as the structural matrix is just below it. Sanding through the white primer can cause leaks to occur, especially around the bottom edges of the tank.

If your tank has a place for your pump to bolt on I.E. 1098, GSXR, 749-999, etc DO NOT PAINT OR PRIMER THE WHITE PRIMER AREAS. This can cause the pump not to seal. These areas are precision molded within thousands of an inch and must be maintained as is, also DO NOT SCRATCH these surfaces.

Install all necessary plumbing and hardware before mounting on the bike, then fuel it to capacity and run at least half of it through by running the engine BEFORE PAINTING THE TANK.

Following the above procedure first will greatly help avoid any costly re-painting repair.

All tanks come with a set of instructions, please read them in full to avoid costly mistakes.