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We are not only known around the world for our quality lightweight OEM fuel tanks, but also for our support!

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Erospace Technologies, Inc

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Phone: 1-818-889-1542


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Get To Know the Owner, John Harvey

Beginning back in 1995, John worked for his good friend Dave Lee at SharkSkinz, whom he met through the experimental aviation industry. Back during that time John worked with Dave producing the tooling for all the various models of motorcyle fairings SharkSkinz produces (still the best and highest quality aftermarket fairings available in the world). John's first tank was produced in 1997 and it was modeled after the Yoshimura GSXR factory tank. Since that time, John has added 35 models for all the major manufacturers to date.

John started working with composites in the late 70's and his long list of experience includes fiberglass for surf boards, custom cars, custom painting, machining, tool making, design, special effects for Hollywood, etc. In his 20's he designed and built until he was hired to develop high-performance engine components for a record breaking factory Oldsmobile project A.J. Foyt drove.

Afterwards in the late 80's, he then went on to Bombardier Corp. to help resurrect their Sea-Doo brand. One of his many accomplishments was designing the first patented seat suspension for one model. After many successful years there he went on to designing and fabricating for many experimental aircraft companies in the late 90's.

In the mid 90's he designed and built his own aircraft along with completing flight testing and over 200 hours of flight time. From 2001 to 2009 John was creating high speed assembly machine design for the electronics industry.

In the last five years he has produced more than five different 3D camera systems for Hollywood feature productions with one of those systems used at the site of the last Space Shuttle launch and another went to Antarctica in a custom designed underwater housing in January 2012.


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