Yamaha R6 Tank Guards for '06-'07 and '08 - Current

Attention Yamaha R6 riders!

Since their introduction in June 2007, our R6 tank guards have helped a number of rider/owners from barbequing their investment on the track. Designed to help reduce the possibility of impact abrasion related failrues of the stock tank, these protetors form fit the tank and front cover.

Produced using the same materials utilized inour lightweight fuel tank constrution, they now include 6 layers of kevlar at the most vulnerable spots on the stock tank. Besides looking good they help transmit impact loads over a larger area further reducing the energy to be absorbed by the stock tank. Hardware kit and instructions are included.

Here is what one of our customers had to say about the R6 Tank Guards

Dear Erospace Technologies,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your Yamaha R6 tank protectors. I had a chance to see them work first hand as I was sliding along the ground beside my bike. I managed to low side on lap 3 of an endurance race at Pueblo Motorsports Park in Colorado. The bike slid for more than sixty feet on the right side with the tank mashed against the pavement. The tank itself came through it with almost no damage and the protector, although warn down, did not ware all the way through. This was the kind of crash that could have easily ruptured the tank, covering it with fuel, and incinerating the bike. I have your product to thank for my bikes survival. Thank you Erospace Technologies!

Dale Eaton

Barely Legal Racing, Fidelity Home Mortgage LLC Race


Here's a post on R6-Forum from another customer

"I wanted to post a few pics of the FuelCel tank guards I installed this past weekend. After a quick email to John at FuelCel, the guars arrived after about 3 days unpainted and I shipped them out to MCProdesign for custom paint to match my tank and fairings. I also got the fuel baffling that installs inside the tank and aids in killing all the fuel slosh that occurs during abrupt braking and throttle and left-right transition that occurs on track. I have noticed a huge difference on track with these foam baffles installed. The chassis is more settled upon braking and entry."

See the rest of this post at R6 Forum


Below is a video of what can happen without FuelCel Tank Guards

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Order Options

$180.00 Yamaha R6 Tank Guards '06-'07 SET L&R

$90.00 Yamaha R6 Tank Guards '06-'07 RIGHT SIDE

$90.00 Yamaha R6 Tank Guards '06-'07 LEFT SIDE



$180.00 Yamaha R6 Tank Guards '08-current SET L&R

$90.00 Yamaha R6 Tank Guards '08-current RIGHT SIDE

$90.00 Yamaha R6 Tank Guards '08-current LEFT SIDE

$55.00 Yamaha R6 FuelCel Baffle Foam Kit



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