ducatI 750 - 800 - 900 - 1000 SS

Our late model DUCATI SS FuelCel cuts weight by more than 70%, up to 9.17 lb lighter than the stock unit it replaces. This FuelCel retains the front mount bracket and rear hinge along with the stock fuel pump so it will bolt right on to your DUCATI SS.

Finish sanded down to 150 grit, we apply a two part sanding primer making your FuelCel the nicest component you have ever painted. Lock option and or Drybreaks available at an additional cost.

FuelCel-Ducati-stock-900ss Stock Shape with "camel hump"

FuelCel-Ducati-streamline-900ss Streamline Shape (removes camel hump)

FuelCel-Ducati-sprinter-900ss Sprinter Shape recommended for racing applications. Similar to Streamline shape, but 1.3" lower at cap. This shape can also be made to fit the early, pre '98 SS models with little effort.

Standard Options

$1290.00 Ducati 750-800-900-1000 SS Stock Tank 

$1330.00 Ducati 750-800-900-1000 SS Streamline Tank

$1330.00 Ducati 750-800-900-1000 SS Sprinter Tank 

$45.00 FuelCel Anti-Slosh Baffle Foam Kit Installed

$48.00 External Vent Option

$40.00 Install Lock for Standard Cap (Includes 2 keys)

$580.00 Paint and Clear Coat Factory Color

Racing Options

$290.00 Single Drybreak Cap Installed, External Vent is Included

$110.00 Single Drybreak Opening ONLY, No Cap, External Vent Is Included


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