Below are the standard cap/filling options. Our caps are venting so the normal overflow and vent lines on the motorcycle are no longer used.

Standard Cap

The Standard Cap is our proprietary quick release 1/8 turn billet aluminum cap that ships with your tank.

Lock and Key Cap

Comes with a lock and two keys. If you've decided you want a lock for the standard cap, we can install a lock for you. See below for pricing.


A standard Red Head drybreak. If you've decided you want a drybreak instead of your standard cap, we can install one with an adapter plate for you. See below for pricing.


We have updated our cap design so when ordering caps be sure to check your tanks bezel to know which version of cap retainer to get. See pictures below for more info.

The new version has two small bearings as seen in the picture above.

The old version has a single small divot as seen in the picture above.

The bearings or divot are located on the underside of the bezel and in two locations opposite one another. You should be able to feel with a finger to know which version you have.

**If you have the old style fiberglass bar on your cap and it needs to be repaired, but you do not need a new cap in whole, please contact us as this is UNDER WARRANTY.

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Order Options

$5.00 Drybreak Gasket

$15.00 Standard Cap Seal Kit (o-ring and teflon flat seal)

$35.00 Drybreak Block Off Plate

$40.00 Install Lock for our Standard Cap OLD or NEW Version (Includes 2 keys)

$170.00 Standard Replacement Cap for NEW Version (no lock)

$170.00 Standard Replacement Cap for OLD Version (no lock)

$190.00 Standard Replacement Locking Cap for NEW Version (Includes 2 keys)

$190.00 Standard Replacement Locking Cap for OLD Version (Includes 2 keys)

$230.00 Standard Cap to Drybreak Adapter Plate (Includes cap)

$260.00 DryBreak Cap (Includes gasket)



Once your order is placed, an email will be sent to you with a shipping quote based on your Paypal account information. If you would like your purchase shipped to a different address or any other special instructions that may affect shipping costs, please email us with your information as soon as you place your order.

International shipments are typically shipped via U.S. Postal System and Domestic shipments via FedEx to ensure the best price and tracking information. Some countries have size limits, in those cases we use DB Shenker for shipping. Most all orders for non-custom tanks are ready to ship within 2-3 weeks. If you are needing a tank immediately we can expedite the construction for a 15% fee and ship within 5 days using any shipping method you prefer, UPS, FedEx, Express Mail, etc. Email us if this is your need to make arrangements.