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FuelCel-1098-endurance-fuel-tank-DucshopFuelCel "composite" motorcycle fuel tanks are a big performance gain through weight reduction providing more acceleration, quicker handling and improved braking. Unlike brittle Carbon fiber, FuelCel's are constructed from Kevlar, a tougher material for the application. Meticulously engineered and beautifully constructed, adding our FuelCel anti-slosh product can greatly accentuate these attributes. A FuelCel upgrade is an intelligent investment for the astute performance tuner so we make it our highest goal to provide the best possible product on the market today at the most competitive price and back it with impeccable service.

retain value

FuelCel-Ducati-1098-standard-fuel-tank"I was able to put my pristien $3000 OEM tank with the bodywork on the shelf for later and get a performance advantage I couldn't get otherwise." Many customers resell their OEM components when adding performance products to off set their after market investment. FuelCel motorcycle gas tanks provide years of service so your investment is secure.

what our clients think


"I refuse to go racing with a stock tank, your tank and the foam made a HUGE difference in the bikes performance. Thanks again, talk to you soon!"

Tye, USA

"Hi John, I finally saw the fuel tank, and frankly, I'm more than impressed. No I'm blown away. It's awesome. Feel free to quote me on that. The fit and installation is perfect, the fuel cap works a treat, and the capacity was bang on 22 litres, although we could have squeezed a litre more in without a problem, which is frankly fabulous. The breather and venting of the tank is the most intelligent and coherant design I've seen, and I've seen a few, and not a drop leaked throughout the race. The riders were delighted, and amazed the tank didn't hamper their movements on the machine one bit, on the contrary, the slightly higher rear of the tank helped take the weight off their arms under the fierce braking at the end of the back straight. So thank you very, very much. You have a thoroughly convinced customer, well, several, actually..."

Thanks again, Peter Clark UK

"Love the tank. Weight savings are awesome and the quality of the tank is outstanding. I will not ride with any other tank and will be one of the first Mods I do when I get another bike. My buddy liked it so much he also bought one.

Again, thanks and keep up the quality of your work."

John, USA

"Thanks again, I love the tank. It made a noticeable difference in weight."

Aaron, USA

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